Ronda Kaysen


The (New) Jersey Shore

Hurricane Sandy hit the reset button on the Jersey Shore, as I reported in a New York Times Sunday Real Estate cover story this weekend. As the hardest hit areas rebuild, a new shore is taking shape, one that is replacing the shore’s blue collar character with larger, loftier homes. 

Busy as bees

In this week’s Ask Real Estate, I answered questions about beekeeping in the suburbs, getting out of a lease, and damaged curtains. Check it out, or send me your own questions!

Developers turn closed hospitals into medical malls


New Jersey has been losing hospitals for decades, as 26 have closed in a dozen years. Now, a few developers see new potential in the vacant buildings: turn them into medical malls.

The new use brings jobs, tax revenue and health care to these communities, but not necessarily the healthcare the community actually needs, as I reported today in the New York Times.

You’re not the only one who is totally over this winter

From how to get the neighbor to shovel his walk to how to get the city to do something about it, the questions Ask Real Estate received this week made one thing clear: Winter has worn out its welcome. 

Birthplace of the NYT, once a McDonald’s, now a highrise

The New York Times had some seriously humble beginnings — in a forgettable  brownstone on Nassau Street that eventually housed a McDonald’s. But there was no love lost when it was unceremoniously demolished seven years ago. (“Would you put a plaque on a McDonald’s saying this was the home of The New York Times?” wondered Simeon Bankoff, the executive director of Historic Districts Council. “I don’t know.”) In December it re-emerged as a luxury rental tower.

The Housing Conundrum

As part of my story about New Yorkers who grew up in affordable housing, the New York Times produced a video that delves a little deeper into the lives of these young housing heirs. Check it out here