Ronda Kaysen


The View from….. the George Washington Bridge

For the last two years, drivers stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge have watched a slender bluish tower rise at the edge of Fort Lee, N.J. Now, they might have a better way to stay put: They could just live in it, as I reported in the New York Times today. 

Gowanus, the trendiest Superfund in town

The EPA might have declared the Gowanus Canal a Superfund, but that’s not stopping investors from tearing down old warehouses and building luxury townhouses. With prices rising and a 700-unit rental underway, this artists’ haven might soon go the way of Williamsburg, DUMBO and SoHo. Check out the story I wrote about it this weekend in The New York Times. 

Stress and the City: Where Can the Middle Class Live?

By now, it comes as no surprise that the middle class is struggling to find quality places to live in America’s high cost cities. As wages stagnate and prices rise, middle class workers are moving further and further from the places they work in the hopes of paying a decent rent bill. Those that stay, pay an enormous amount of their income on housing. For this feature for Architectural Record, I took a close look at the trend, delving into the donut hole created by programs that subsidize some housing for low-income residents in developments built for the wealthy. 

All Roads Lead to New Jersey…. for Online Shopping

imageWarehouses are rising in New Jersey again. As the economy picks up and more Americans log on to shop online, expecting their orders to arrive within a day, companies are looking to that state on the far side of the Hudson River to distribute their goods. Amazon began delivering goods out of a 1 million square foot New Jersey facility last week, joining the ranks of Williams-Sonoma, Peapod and other merchants, as I reported in The New York Times. 

Pity the Sidewalk Trees

I don’t always post my Ask Real Estate columns here, but sometimes I just can’t resist. This week’s column was something of an ode to the sidewalk tree, which has a very tough life. And then there was the Brooklyn renter whose landlady banned air conditioners. 

Challenges of a City Chicken

A New York Times video documentary accompanied my story, focusing on the story of Robert McMinn and his two miniature Serama chickens that he keeps in his apartment. They sleep in Clementine boxes inside.